The book was a good read. I have learned some interesting facts, but I have a feeling I knew most of the stuff already. I might be biased because we already had one premature baby.

The story

I am blogger since 2005.

I have read a lot of books in that time. For most of them, I have written a short review. For some books, that are not related to the topics I usually write about, I did not write a review. I thougth the readers of my blog would not be interested in them. But then, most of the stuff I write about is not so interesting. I write blog posts for me. It is a side effect that sometimes other people find them useful.

A few years ago, when our first son was born, I have read a few good books on kids and parenting. Since I did not write anything about them, now I do not even remember which books I have read, and which of them were good.

I am changing that now.

A few months ago, our second son was born. Like his older brother, he was born two months earlier. If you have a child, you know how the first few weeks (and months) look like. If the child is born earlier, it has to stay in hospital for weeks, sometimes months. You can imagine how much fun it is to travel twice a day to the hospital to spend what looks like a few seconds with your child, instead of enjoying the first days at home.

My wife has bought The Premature Baby Book. It took me months to read it, but I have finally finished it a few days ago. Since this was the second time I was in the same situation, there were almost no surprises. The second child was even doing a bit better than the first one at his age, so I knew what to expect. The book does not try to scare you with all the things that could go wrong. It mentiones some problems that a premature baby could have, but also mentiones how rare they are.

What have I learned (not everything from the book)

  • How to properly wash my hands.
  • How to properly handle a baby.
  • How to assemble and dissasemble a stroller in seconds. Sometimes with just one hand.
  • How to sing nursery songs like I mean it.
  • A baby born two months earlier has more than 98% chances to survive. The first days, weeks, months and years are harder than usual, but there are usually no long term problems.