Zagreb STC MeetUp #10

On April 23, 2013 by Željko Filipin
Zagreb STC MeetUp 10 Photo 2

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Yesterday I was at Zagreb STC MeetUp #10. This is the first time the meetup was at ZIP.Factory. We had the first international speaker, Gojko Adzic. Gojko had an hour long talk and then we had an hour or two of discussion. The talk mentioned impact mapping and MindMup, among other things.

Before the meetup, Karlo and I picked up Gojko at the airport and gave him a short tour around downtown Zagreb. After the meetup we drove him to Tuhelj. He had a talk at Agile Adria conference earlier today.

I am really happy to say that our small library continues. The books were returned and loaned.

Update: Karlo wrote about Zagreb STC MeetUp #10 in more detail.

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