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15 November 2019

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

by Željko Filipin

I’ve been to Atlanta in November of 2019. I was there for Wikimedia Technical Conference and team offsite.

Conference was a lot of fun. I had a talk - System level testing: patterns and anti-patterns with Selenium (task, slides). For un-conference part I’ve suggested a couple of talks. Selenium workshop (task) and Ukulele to Wikitext (task). Selenium workshop got 2 votes, so it was not scheduled. Ukulele to wikitext got 9 votes, so it was scheduled. Lesson learned: submit trolling sessions, not serious ones.

I’ve been to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola and NBA game (Atlanta Hawks vs Milwaukee Bucks). I’ve tried some of the local food, including famous barbecue and deep fried cheesecake. I’ve also found a few geocaches near the hotel and had a few runs around a nearby lake.


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