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17 January 2009

AWTA 2009, Austin, Texas, USA

by Željko Filipin

Blogging again! :)

I had to travel a long way to get to AWTA 2009 in beautiful Austin, Texas.

To see what is going on, the best place is #awta Twitter channel.

I am twittering, posting images, blogging and podcasting like crazy.

At Notes from AWTA 2009 you can find a lot of images, notes, podcasts, blog posts, presentations, twitter feed...

It was great to finally meet in person a lot of people I knew on-line for years. I have learned a lot how other people test. Also, Austin and Texas were very interesting to explore. I think all is already said about AWTA 2009. I just hope I will be there the next year too.

tags: event - facebook - photo - speaker - testing