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10 July 2013

Browser Automation Workshops

by Željko Filipin

Munich - Deutsches Museum - 07-0958

Chris McMahon, Quim Gil and I have started to organize browser automation workshops. We are trying to get more volunteers involved in testing MediaWiki, software that runs Wikipedia. Workshops are a delicious combination of Google+ Hangouts, Etherpad, IRC and code. We will teach you everything we know about browser automation with Selenium, Ruby, Cucumber and page object pattern. For free! If you sign up today, we will even add a few more buzzwords to the mix!*

You can see how the workshops usually look like:

  1. Increase the Backlog!

  2. Cucumber and Page Objects: Writing Great Browser Tests

The next workshop is next week! Interested? Let us know at our QA mailing list, a special wiki page that we made just for this occasion, or just leave a comment here if you prefer that.

* This offer is subject to availability.

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