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12 July 2012

Code at Six #2, Zagreb, Croatia

by Željko Filipin

I was at a local meetup Code at Six #2 a month or two ago. I think about 50 people were there. Life was pretty crazy for me recently so I did not have the time to write anything before. There were two short talks. Grgur Grisogono was talking about JavaScript performance tricks and Tomislav Car talked how they moved from NoSQL to MySQL. None of the talks were directly connected with the stuff I am working with, but the talks were still pretty interesting. After the official part, there was plenty of time for informal talks. I talked to a few people, mostly about freelancing. I had to leave pretty early, but I have heard that some of them stayed there late in the night. I am glad to see there are more and more meetups like this in Zagreb.

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