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6 November 2014

Coderetreat Zagreb 2014 Announcement, Zagreb, Croatia

by Željko Filipin


Imagine a group of people gathering in a room and coding all day. Just for fun. For free, as in beer. (There will not be beer.) Free lunch will be provided. The event is limited to 30 people. Bring your laptop.

Interested? Read on, or register.


Pick a person that you will pair program on implementing Conway’s Game of Life. The pair picks the language. The session lasts for 45 minutes or so. After the session, the code is deleted. Old pairs are separated and new pairs are created. Rinse. Repeat. All day.

The story

I have heard about Coderetreat before. Probably on a podcast. (I listen to a lot of podcasts.) It was a few years ago. But, I did not realize it was global. I thought it was US only.

I have met Péter Zsoldos at CITCON (pronounced kit-kon) Europe 2012 in Budapest, Hungary. I saw him again at CITCON Europe 2013 in Turin, Italy. The last time I saw him was at CITCON Europe 2014 in Zagreb, Croatia. He helped organize all those conferences. I helped organize the Zagreb one. (Blog post is comming soon. I promise.)

One day, I have stumbled upon his Twitter account (@zsepi). It said “…volunteers for @citcon & @coderetreat…”. I knew about CITCON, but Coderetreat? After some investigation, I have found out that the closest Coderetreat in space and time is Budapest in November. My initial plan was to go there.

I do not remember when I met Aljoša Mohorović. The last two events where I remember talking with him were eurucamp 2013 in Berlin, Germany (blog post coming soon) and WebCamp Zagreb 2014. He helped organize WebCamp. One day during WebCamp, the two of us were talking over a beer and I have mentioned Coderetreat.

The three of us are organizing the event and Croatian Chamber of Commerce provided free venue.



A big thank you to Tentamen for sponsoring the event!


Cleveland Code Retreat Introduction from Corey Haines on Vimeo.

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