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5 February 2021

Deep Work at Lunch and learn

by Željko Filipin

Deep Work

My team at work has a series of informal meetings on various topics called Lunch and learn. This week I gave a talk on Deep Work.

I’ve really struggled to write a short summary of the book in a blog post. I’ve failed. The post ended up being pretty long. I’ve also struggled to create slides for the talk. I’ve ended up with 61 slides.

The meeting is usually about 50 minutes long. That is less than a minute per slide. The original plan was to have a 20-30 minute talk and 20-30 minutes for questions and discussion. I’ve worked really hard on writing the blog post and creating the slides that I ran out of time to rehearse the talk. I’ve managed to rehearse it only once. The rehearsal took about 60 minutes, so I knew it would be hard to make the talk fit in the usual 50 minutes. At the end, I think my talk was at least 70 minutes. That’s without questions or discussion.

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