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11 May 2016

DORS/CLUC 2016, Zagreb, Croatia

by Željko Filipin

I am feeling very proud wearing my DORS/CLUC 2009 T-shirt. :D Random idea: a place to put jackets would be nice.

There are a lot of papers in the conference bag, but the only really interesting is Free Your Android. Pretty interesting exhibition in the hall. Check the photo gallery for details.

Day one

The long way to empower people to control technology, Matthias Kirchner

Interesting stories about his work with Free Software Foundation Europe and fighting for open standards and free software in government. Free your Android is probably the most interesting to me. Also, asking governments to include links to open source PDF reader, not just to Adobe Reader.

Alpha2Omega: Open Source Software in In-Vehicle Infotainment, Dorian Ivančić

Story about how Rimac Automobili uses open source. Interestingly, they are not making money on their fancy cars, but by selling services and parts to other manufacturers. Fancy cars are just for marketing. The most interesting talk of the conference so far, and there were tons of questions after the talk. It is great to see that such cutting edge technology is developed in Croatia.

LibreItalia and Italian best practices of migration to LibreOffice, Sonia Montegiove

Meh. :|

LibreOffice moves online, Ozcan Esen

An overview of the technology of online version of LibreOffice. I was not even aware that there is such a thing. Cool.

Infrastruktura VoIP, Davor Jovanović

Technical details of VoIP installation for a big local educational institution.

Open Source Hardware, why we do it and why it matters, Tsvetlan Usunov

DIY OSHW Laptop Kit 2015-2016 is the most interesting thing. I did not really think about picking a license for your open source hardware project. Interesting.

Make your web solutions more flexible with layout and block management, Ivo Lukač

I did not really get this talk. According to the questions from the audience after the talk, I was not the only one. In short, the talk was about design and development of complex sites.

REST API - iskustva iz prakse, Denis Kranjčec

An overview of REST and how it is used in a big local educational institution.

Free Technology, Free Societies, Aaron Seigo

A quote from the talk: “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” is from Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. I did read a book, but it was a while ago. I remember the quote from Testify (Rage Against the Machine song). :)

Docker Security, Vlatko Košturjak

The basics of Docker and it’s security. In short, it is pretty secure by default, but there are additional things that you could and should do to make it even more secure.

Day two

Go and The Art of Software Development, Aaron Seigo

I was expecting the talk would be about Go (programming language), but it was about Go (game).

Fault tolerant services with Corosync and Pacemaker, Marian Marinov

Meh. :|

Iskustva u korištenju GITLaba, Dubravko Penezić

Surprising thing is that they started switching from SVN to Git as late as 2013.

Where are women in Fedora?, Jona Azizaj

The talk reminded me of a project I was working on with an old lady. It was really interesting to be in a deep technical conversation with a lady that could be my grandma.

Uporaba Mahare u izradi e-portfolia djelatnika, Ana Ćorić Samardžija i Zvonko Martinović

Meh. :| I came for lightning talks, but the track was running late.

Lightning talks

I love lightning talks.

Croatian Makers, Nenad Bakić

Using robotics to improve education. The best talk of the conference. Great topic, great delivery, great speaker.

Linux i audio, Igor Švarc

Linux and audio, presented by a blind person.

Games and Fun on Fedora, Gergely Rakosi

You can play pong (and other old games) in Emacs.

Breaking the Internet of Things, Tonimir Kišasondi

On security of internet of things. It’s bad. He was accepting anonymous questions via web form, and the results are as expected. :)

  • Would You Rather Fight a Horse-Sized Duck or a Hundred Duck-Sized Horses?
  • SELECT UserId, Name, Password FROM Users WHERE UserId = tkisason or 1=1

Automated testing, a normal part of developer life in the world of agile development, Hans de Raad

The title sounded really interesting, but the talk was meh. :| The best part was this joke.

Let’s hack cheap hardware - 2016 edition, Dobrica Pavlinušić

I could not care less about the topic but Dobrica is such a good speaker, his talks are always amazing. :) Most of the cheap hardware can be hacked and made to do interesting things.

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