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17 October 2015

EuRuKo 2015, Salzburg, Austria

by Željko Filipin

I was at a lot of local Ruby meetups, but I there are no local Ruby conferences, so EuRuKo is one of the rare Ruby conferences I have been to. It is also one of the rare conferences I have notes for, probably because I have promised my team I will give a 5 minute presentation on the conference.

There were a few really interesting talks, some of them on useful tools like Synvert and Transpec. I have used Transpec on a project to convert RSpec should to expect syntax and it did the job nicely. Talk on Inch, tool that helps with improving documentation, was useful too. Talk about a bot that translates Yukihiro Matsumoto’s tweets from Japanese to English was fun. I do not think it was Ruby related, but talk on programming Commodore 64 was really interesting.

I have started to expect more from a conference than just good talks. I do not remember there being good networking opportunities. There was a party after the conference, but it was to loud there to talk. I have ended up spending time with Ruby developers from Zagreb. That was nice, but we did not have to travel to Austria to spend some time. We have regular monthly meetups.

My family joined me for the trip. They were sightseeing while I was at the conference. Unfortunately, I did not have any time for sightseeing.

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