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11 April 2013

FOSDEM 2013, Brussels, Belgium

by Željko Filipin

In early February I was at FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium. Since I am writing about it now, you can imagine how much I remember. I have some notes and I took photos so I will be able to write at least a few words.

The trip started at Zagreb airport where I have met Vlatko Košturjak so I was not travelling alone. Since we arrived on Friday, we have decided to go to Friday beer event, but it was way to crowded. Luckily, there were plenty of places in the near with beer.

I have started the Saturday with How we made the Jenkins community keynote by Kohsuke Kawaguchi (photo). I have spent the vast majority of the first day in Testing and Automation devroom. The first talk I saw there was Automating OpenStack Testing on Ubuntu by James Page. The room was surprisingly full for this talk (photo). It was followed by BDD for Mobile using Calabash by Karl Krukow (photo).

Then I gave How MediaWiki, software that runs Wikipedia, is tested talk (photo). I have noticed the talk mentioned in Fosdem 2013, coté code blog post (in French).

The next talk that I saw was Scale your Jenkins build pipeline automatically to minimize test time by Anders Nickelsen (photo). My notes say I was also at Building, testing and deploying mobile apps with Jenkins & friends by Christopher Orr, but I could not find any photos. The last event in the room was Jenkins Developer Meetup and Birthday Toast by Kohsuke Kawaguchi (photos).

All talks from the devroom were recorded, but unfortunately the laptop that had the recordings was stolen.

I have ended the Saturday with ByteNight (photo).

I have started the Sunday with Measuring the Wikipedia Community talk by my colleague Ryan Faulkner (photo). I also saw How to hack on Wikipedia talk by another colleague, Quim Gil and Has the GNOME community gone crazy? by Vincent Untz (photo).

The majority of the Sunday I was browsing the stands. The most interesting ones were Aldebaran Robotics (photo) and Pandora (photo).

We also had Wikimedia meetup (photos), where I have met a lot of my colleagues for the first time. (I work from home.)

I have finished the day with The Keeper of Secrets keynote by Leslie Hawthorn and Closing FOSDEM 2013 talk by FOSDEM Staff (photo). Since the event is completely free (as in free beer) they do not know the number of people that was there, but if I remember correctly the estimate was about 7000.

And for the end, looks like I am not the only one that finds little boy peeing (into the bottle?) on a Coke machine funny. I hope somebody got promoted for that.

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