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23 February 2007

Google for "Blog on Software Testing"

by Željko Filipin

Yesterday I had a Gmail chat with Rosie Sherry. I found her blog because she has a link to my blog. I just wanted to know how she found my blog. She was not sure if she found it on Google or she followed a link from another blog.

But, this is not what I wanted to write about. She surprised me with this sentence.

You come up on the third page of Google for software testing blog.

I had to check it immediately. She was not joking. I also checked my PageRank™. It was 4.

I started playing with different search terms, and if you use (I am from Croatia) and search for blog on software testing this blog will be ranked 10th! The first page! (On it is 12th.)

I have been changing the title of my blog from Željko Filipin to Željko Filipin's Blog to Željko Filipin on Software Testing and finally to Željko Filipin’s Blog on Software Testing. I think this title is the best description of this blog. And, it really helped being ranked so high.


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