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29 September 2006

Google Reader

by Željko Filipin

Are you in search for good feed reader? I am. I just need something that will work with all feeds I find (not so trivial), that will import my feeds from another reader (who likes to add feeds by hand?) and that looks like e-mail client (do you also find that feeds are like e-mail?).

Also, I prefer web applications. After all, I am a tester, I do strange things to my computer, so I like my data to be somewhere else. For example, all my e-mail is at Gmail.

For a while, I used SharpReader. It worked pretty well (thought it had problems with some feeds), but it is desktop application.

Then I switched to Bloglines. It has only one problem. When you click at feed that has two or more unread items, it marks all posts as read. I just do not want that.

I have tried Yahoo! Mail Beta. Looks good, but it is not usable yet. I like the idea of e-mail and feed reader at one place.

Finally, Google Reader is updated. Old reader was really unusable. The new one looks good. I will try it for a few days and decide should I switch to it.

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