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31 August 2021

Google Summer of Code 2021

by Željko Filipin

Google Summer of Code 2021

Today is the last day of Google Summer of Code 2021. Vidhi Mody and Soham Parekh were mentoring Sahil Grewal on updating WebdriverIO to version 7 in Wikimedia repositories.

For me, this was the easiest internship that I was involved so far. Mostly because I was not an official mentor this time. I was just helping Vidhi and Soham.

To gather ideas for this post, I was reading my other posts about mentoring. Looks like even back in 2013 I’ve learned the lesson that there should be two mentors per intern. We’ve had situations where a mentor can’t work for weeks because of health reasons. Also, the internship is over the summer and (at least in Europe) it’s common for people to take a few weeks of vacation. So, two mentors is highly recommended.

This time I got the fun part of the internship. I didn’t need to do any paperwork, like preparing for the internship and evaluating the student. I was mostly reviewing code and pair programming. I like both of those activities, so the internship was a lot of fun for me.

My plan was to take a break from mentoring for a while, but I have a good idea for an internship project and the next round of Outreachy internship is soon…

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