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21 November 2012

Homebrewer's Guide to Watir 0.8.0

by Željko Filipin

Homebrewer’s Guide to Watir Homebrewer’s Guide to Watir

After more than a year since the Watir Book 0.7.1 release I have good news. I have renamed the book to Homebrewer's Guide to Watir and released it at Leanpub. A big thank you to Bret Pettichord for the name. To mark the milestone, I have bumped the version to 0.8.0.

Apologies for not releasing a new version for so long, but life happened. The book was always high on my todo list, but I just did not have the time to work on it in the last year or so. I have some free time at the moment and I plan to release more often in the future. Well, more often than once in a year is not hard to beat anyway.

Release notes say:

But wait, there is more good news. Suggested price is $9.99, but you can get the book for free! Click Buy the ebook now! button and move the You pay slider to the left hand side until the amount goes down to $0.00. Of course, you can move the slider to the right hand side and pay more for the book. I will not keep the money, all of it goes to Watir project.

Before I have moved to Leanpub I have sold 144 books, and since I count free downloads (from version 0.4.2) all formats (pdf, epub, mobi) and all versions combined (0.4.2-0.7.1) have almost 13 000 downloads! (12 983 to be precise.)

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