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7 May 2007

How Much Time Do You Spend Learning?

by Željko Filipin

Some time ago, I used to work all the time. I just did not have time to learn anything new. Then I read a few articles and learned a lot. I saw that I just have to learn more. Then I used to learn so much that I did not have time to work.

No I try to limit my learning to one hour per (working) day. I think it is optimal. For now. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. I read books, blogs, mailing lists. Sometimes I write a post here or at some mailing list. I test. Manually. I write Ruby (mostly Watir) code to help me test. Very useful for regression tests. I have several pet projects that help me spend my free time. Sometimes I build a small application. Or learn basics of new programming language. I listen to podcasts. I think it all helps me learn something new.

I was just wondering how much time do you spend learning. What is your favorite way of learning? Have you ever learned something and felt like your eyes have just been opened? Have you ever dreamed code? Have you ever reproduced a bug in your dream?

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