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12 March 2007

I Do Not Want All My Internet Traffic to Go Over VPN

by Željko Filipin


Few days ago I created another virtual private network (VPN) connection at my machine. All of my Internet traffic was going over that connection. Because I am connected to a machine located in Switzerland, sites that recognize that were giving me pages translated to German. My German is not so good, so I wanted to disable all my traffic going over VPN. My colleague showed me how to do it a few months ago, but I forgot it. I have a really bad memory.

I could not reach him at the moment, so I searched all our instant message and e-mail conversation, but I could not find that information. I looked at VPN's properties, but nothing looked familiar. I knew it is simple, but I just could not find it. So, I waited until he returned.

Now that I know it again, I just have to write it down. I will forget it.

Go to Network Connections, right click connection, Properties > Networking > This connection uses the following items > Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) > Properties > Advanced... > General > Use default gateway on remote network > uncheck.

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