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17 October 2007

Internet Explorer Puts map Tag inside head Tag

by Željko Filipin

I have ported Support for XPATH in Watir by Angrez Singh to wiki format.

I was trying example from What to do for elements not having class in Watir section and for this HTML:

<map name="chart">
  <area shape="poly" coords="150,16,159,17,168,20,175,25,182,32,150,56,150,56" />
  <area shape="poly" coords="182,32,188,43,190,56,150,56,150,56" ref="PieChart.html?category=Critical&pieIndex=0" />

Watir always returned nil:

ie.element_by_xpath("//area[contains(@href , 'PieChart.html')]/")
# => nil

I asked Angrez am I doing something wrong and he replied to check if generated HTML (that is rendered in the browser) is the same as source HTML.


There seems to be a bug in Internet Explorer 7 (IE). If you create HTML file with above HTML (only that code, do not add anything else) IE puts map tag inside head tag. Firefox 2 puts it inside body tag, of course. The workaround is to put map tag explicitly inside body tag.

tags: code - ruby