• agile-testing - Agile Software Testing

    In this group, we discuss how to test software in projects that are using an Agile style of development (

    We expect most members of the group to be independent testers working on an agile team. However, we're open to discussions of other types of agile testing: developer testing, customer acceptance testing, and so forth.

    We would like most of the discussion to be specific:

    Q: "I am in situation X. I've run into problem Y. Does anyone have any advice?"

    A; "I was in a very similar situation last year. We tried Z, and it worked OK."

    Generalities - "I think all agile projects should do Z" - are acceptable, but too many of those tend to drive away the practitioners.

    This is not a group to discuss whether such a thing as agile testing exists, whether agile software development is a good idea, whether XP is a nefarious plot by programmers to gain license for sloppiness, and so forth. We do not require list members to be agile enthusiasts (though the owners are), but we require them to acknowledge that people are testing in projects that call themselves agile, and that our group is about helping those people do the best job they can.

    The list owners will (gently at first, then forcibly) keep the signal-to-noise ratio acceptably high and the tone helpful.

    We allow job postings, but only if the post is from someone in the company looking for an Agile tester.

  • software-testing - Context-Driven Software Testing

    This forum is dedicated to the discussion and development of skilled context-driven software testing. The context-driven approach asserts that development and testing strategies and techniques are sometimes appropriate (useful, effective) and sometimes not, depending on the context. Through this forum, we hope to learn more about how to understand context, and about how context should affect our testing.

    The forum is hosted by James Bach and Cem Kaner.

  • wtr-general

    The wtr-general mailing focusses on using Watir for testing web applications, but actually questions and discussions about any aspect of using Ruby for testing are welcome. We'll even tolerate the occassional bit of Perl. Postings for jobs using Watir are also welcome.