I wrote this post months ago, but I did not publish it because I felt it was not finished. The time has come. I have read Jason Darling's post at Watir General titled Identifying problems and proposing solutions for the Watir community (I can not find that post at Watir General site at the moment). Great post. I would like to add a thought or two.

When posting to Watir General, please give enough of information so I could understand your problem. A snippet of HTML that you have problem with and a line or two of your Ruby code that tries to do something with that HTML will do. Just to make myself clear:

  • Do not give too much irrelevant information. The whole HTML of your page or your entire Ruby script is too much.
  • Do not give too little information. Please, do not make me ask this questions again and again:
    • What did you do?
    • What did you expect?
    • Why do you mean by not working?
    • Can you please post relevant snippet of your HTML and Ruby code?

Noticed relevant? I really do not have time to browse through entire HTML pages and Ruby scripts. Really.

I intended to make a page at Watir wiki with such information, but never got the time. Well, now that the content is here, creating wiki page is just a minute of work.

I am just not sure that Jason's post, this post, or wiki page will make a difference. Well, I can try. I will even post this at Watir General.

By the way, the title for this post if from This Is Your Brain On RST article by Michael J. Hunter also known as The Braidy Tester.