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22 December 2010


by Željko Filipin

Sydney Opera House

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For about two years (since AWTA 2009) I know that people at Opera Software are working on OperaWatir, but the release was scheduled as "soon" all the time. And then when I almost lost any hope, Andreas Tolf Tolfsen published a blog post saying OperaWatir is (pre)released! (One can argue is it a release or prelease, but who cares?)

The source code is available on GitHub at operasoftware/operawatir.

At the moment it works on Windows and GNU/Linux, only on JRuby (1.5.1 or above). (Please notice how they say GNU/Linux, Richard Stallman is probably smiling right now.) Mac is not yet supported.

There are no plans for a MRI/CRuby version.

OperaWatir, welcome to the Watir family! :)

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