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25 November 2020

Outreachy, September-November 2020

by Željko Filipin


In Google Summer of Code, June-August 2020 I’ve said:

I’ve decided to take a break from mentoring. (I might not take that advice. More about that soon.)

I didn’t take my own advice. I will be mentoring Harriet Ayugi during the Outreachy internship. Her project is Evaluate Microsoft Playwright as replacement for our browser automation. My co-mentors are previous Google Summer of Code interns, Vidhi Mody and Soham Parekh.

At one of our last meetings during Google Summer of Code internship, I’ve suggested to Vidhi and Soham that mentoring could be a great next step in their careers. I didn’t expect they would take my advice so seriously and act on it so quickly. They have noticed that Outreachy internship is soon and they have suggested two projects, Selenium Framework Cleanup and Evaluate Microsoft Playwright as replacement for our browser automation. We had 3 applicants for the first project, and 6 applicants for the second one. After a lot of thought and discussion we have decided to mentor Harriet for the second project.

This time the application phase of the internship was not that busy for me (compared with the previous internship) because the vast majority of the work was done by Vidhi and Soham. This time I will mentor them, and they will mentor Harriet. We’ve already met with her and discussed the internship in general and next steps.

If not before, I will write a review of the internship in March 2021, after it is over.


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