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20 February 2012

Perfect Software by Gerald M. Weinberg (2012)

by Željko Filipin

Perfect Software And Other Illusions About Testing

TL;DR: Read the book.

Recently I had the pleasure of reading Perfect Software And Other Illusions About Testing by Gerald M. Weinberg. Since we both know I am really bad at book reviews, I will just quote a few things from the book that grabbed my attention while reading it, enough to make a note.

p.24: All in all, testing can be exhausting, but it can never be exaustive.
p.26: Imagine you are about to dine at the Testing Buffet. (Testing Buffet!? See TL;DR.)
p.28: Diversifying your test team might find more problems than enlarging your test team.
p.70: Under such a system of measurement, a lousy developer is tester's best friend. (Wondering when this is true? See TL;DR.)
p.76: The only real kind of exhaustive testing is when the tester is to exhausted to continue.
p.135: If you don't care about quality, you can make any schedule.
p.142: The number one testing tool is not the computer, but the human brain.
p.151: There are many ways of testing without involving computers, but no way of testing that doesn't involve using brains.

And one bug in the book (or maybe not, who knows):

p.101: A white elephant. (I think it should be gold elephant. Elephants!? See TL;DR.)

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