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26 October 2014


by Željko Filipin

I can not believe it that it was almost a year since I have blogged. I am sorry. It was not you. It was me. There are several reasons for that.

Reason #1

I was really really busy. Really. You know, the kind of busy when you barely have the time to get some sleep.

Reason #2

I got really tired of WordPress. Stop. Right. There. I have no intention on starting a flame war. It was serving me well for years. Not just on this site. On multiple sites. The number is not huge, but it is not single digit. I was fighting WordPress all those years. It was fun while I was learning stuff. It got boring when I have realised that I have learned what I wanted to learn. I needed something else.

Reason #3

Jekyll. I have heard about it. Probably on a podcast. (I listen to a lot of podcasts. More about that soon.) Write Markdown. (I loooove markdown.) Publish from command-line. The best thing since ZX Spectrum. (Long story. Google it.)

I have tried it several times, but since my time is really limited lately (see #1), I have ran out of time every time before I could ship. Long story short, today I finally got some time and managed to ship something.

I have such a huge blog post backlog, if I write a blog post a week I will not run out of blog posts in a week. Maybe even two. No, make it a month. Or, even better, a year.

What!? You do not think I can make it!? Neither do I. But, let’s make it happen.

And thank you for reading. I promise my blog posts will not waste your time. I wish I could promise more. World peace, for example. Wouldn’t that be nice? Sorry. I can promise a blog post a week. And not wasting your time.

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