Yesterday I was at Ruby::ZG::Meetup.fifth. Radan Skoric talked about bussines logic (photo, slides) and Bruno Sutic about Arel (photo, slides).

After the offical part, we went to Medvedgrad brewpub. Both talks were about Ruby on Rails, and since I don’t use it, they were not that interesting to me, so the interesting part started there. I had a nice chat with a few people about various topics, including (but not limited to) freelancing, running Linux on Chromebook, software craftmanship, finding a mentor, Coderetreat…

What have I learned?

  • Zagreb has a vibrant Ruby community.
  • The most important stuff is still discussed over beer.
  • Things have changed since the first local Ruby meetup.
  • The only decent beer Medvedgrad has is Grička vještica (the witch of Grič), and even that one is just slighly above meh. :P