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2 February 2020

San Francisco 2020, California, USA

by Željko Filipin

I’ve visited San Francisco for Wikimedia Foundation All Hands.

I don’t usually take photos on the plane but this time I took a couple.

I’ve been running pretty regularly again since 2016, but I’ve always struggled to continue with normal running schedule while traveling. This time I’ve managed to run according to schedule. I’ve even visited Strava headquarters on a run. (Strava is a social network mostly for running and cycling, but also other sports.)

I’ve also enjoyed typical San Francisco fog.

My team organized table tennis tournament and I’ve noticed this incredible device for the first time.

I’ve played my ukulele with an amazing band.

Last time I’ve visited San Francisco I got introduced to Geocaching. I’ve struggled to find my first cache, but I’ve managed to do it. I’ve since found a few caches. Even one during this trip.

I’ve learned about a cool new tool for live voting during talks, Mentimeter.

tags: event - facebook - photo - strava - wikimedia