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27 November 2014

Securing Internet of Things - Varovanje interneta stvari, Ljubljana, Slovenia

by Željko Filipin


I was at a tech meetup in Ljubljana but I did not understand almost anything. :(

Moar details

This week I was at Securing Internet of Things - Varovanje interneta stvari meetup in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was a fun trip with Karlo and Hrvoje. Unfortunately, I did not understand anything, since the talks and the discussion were in Slovenian. You have guessed it, I do not understand Slovenian. To my surprise, both Karlo and Hrvoje did not have the same problem.

I did ask the meetup organizers if the talks could be in English before the event, but I got no reply.

The format of the meetup was also strange. There was a couple of talks, both of them about half hour long. After the talks, there was an hour long discussion. The strange thing is that there was no breaks. The meetup lasted for two hours, then most of the people went home.

I was seriously considering reading a book on Kindle during the meetup, but that would probably be rude. So instead, I was bored for a couple of hours.

Karlo, Hrvoje and tried to find a bar nearby to have a beer, but we could not find one. So we decided to go to Scout Club Irish Pub in Samobor, Croatia, on our way back home. That was the best decision of the evening. I have tried a few new beers there.

Lessons learned


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