Random Photo: Valbandon, Croatia Random Photo: Valbandon, Croatia

I think I have created a really nice test automation solution for one of my clients, HomeSwap.com. I have asked for permission to share the solution at a couple of local conferences. The solution if far from perfect, or done. There are still a lot of tests to be written, and the existing tests are running without failures only on Firefox. But I think the solution is good enough to be interesting to other people. The important thing here is that I am showing you real code, real data, nothing fake.

So, I gave a short 5-10 minute talk at a couple of local conferences. Later, I realized the talk could be interesting to people that could not attend the conferences. So, idea about recording a bit longer version of the talk as a screencast was born. (Again, with client's permission.)

Here it is. My first screencast ever. If you like the screencast, let me know, I will record more of them.

You can download the screencast too: homeswap.mov (69,1 MB)

The best thing is that all the tools and services mentioned in the screencast are either open-source, free or have free trial. So, it does not cost anything to try.