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7 February 2007

Testing E-mail: The Code

by Željko Filipin

Lately I have been testing e-mail functionality of web application. This is the fifth post about that experience. Last week I wrote about lessons learned.

I have written a little framework that helps me with testing e-mail.

To use it, you will have to install Ruby, Tmail and SMTP server.

Then download (2,20 KB) and extract it. No installation required. There are even some unit tests (unit_tests.rb) and example code (usage.rb).

Send mail.

Check if application sent mail that you have expected.


For now, mail that is sent can only contain from, to, subject and body. While receiving, I only check from, to and subject

This is code that I am really using every day.

Please understand that I am a tester, not a developer, and I know that this code could be better. Feel free to improve it. Post bug reports and your comments here.

tags: code - ruby