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23 September 2016

Testival 2016, Rijeka, Croatia

by Željko Filipin

Photos from Rijeka, Croatia.

Testival is one of my favorite conferences. Like Test Automation Bazaar, it follows CITCON format. This year the conference was in Rijeka, Croatia.

After short introduction, we have proposed topics.

I have proposed a few sessions:

I was not expecting that many of my topics will get enough votes, but surprisingly, the first three made it. I have participated in several sessions, I will mention a few:

Keynotes were good, but I prefer sessions to talks.

Photos from Testival.

After the conference, we went to PEEK&POKE computer museum. As you can see from the photos, we had a great time.

Photos from PEEK&POKE.

TODO for next year:


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