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2 June 2017

Testival Meetup #29, Zagreb, Croatia

by Željko Filipin

The summer ☀️ is coming so we have decided to try something unusual this time. The first talk was something usual, Zoran Majstorović on Ruby 💎 Test Suite at ButteflyMX. 🦋

The second talk was the unusual one. My brother, Marko Filipin (head brewer and co-founder at Nova runda brewery) gave a talk on A/B testing beer 🍺. We ran an A/B test on two batches of their popular APA. Everybody got three samples of beer, labeled only A, B and C. Two of them were from the same batch, one was from a different one. The goal was to find which one is different. Nova runda obviously did a good job, since about third of us guessed the correct answer. That is pretty much the same as if everybody just randomly picked an answer.

At the very end I gave a short lightning ⚡️ talk Vim for Humans, or What Is This I Don’t Even?! 🤷‍♂️


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