Regular talks:

  • Davor Banović: Acceptance test driven development. Is it a myth?

The best quote from the talk:

All good tests must come to an end.

Davor mentioned Chinese number gestures. I did not know that Chinese have a way of showing numbers 0-10 using just one hand. He mentioned it as an example of possible misunderstandings. With two extended fingers some people might intend to show number 2, but Chinese might understand it as number 7. I liked it so much, that I found an article about it and had a lightning talkl

Lightning talks:

  • Karlo Smid: What I learned on European Testing Conference 2018
  • Marko Kruljac: Practice your testing skills by playing board games
  • Željko Filipin: Chinese number gestures

We are always looking for better ways of timing lightning talks, and Krešimir Linke sad Google has a good timer. We have tried it and it works great in Chrome in full screen. Full screen does not work well in Firefox 😢 and it is not available in Chrome on Android. 😢

See you in April at Testival Meetup #37!