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12 March 2021

Testival Meetup #62

by Željko Filipin

Online meetups continue. Out of about 70 registered attendees, about 30 was present.

Regular talks

Ajdin Mustafić - Road to Behavior Driven Development

Ajdin’s audio was cutting out, I didn’t understand almost anything he said. 🙁

Ajdin Mustafić

Vidhi Mody - “Bump”ing up WebdriverIO: v4 to v6

Vidhi Mody

Soham Parekh - Comparing JavaScript Browser Automation Frameworks: Cypress vs Jest-Puppeteer vs WebdriverIO vs Playwright

Soham Parekh

Vidhi and Soham talked about their Google Summer of Code internship.

Lightning talks

Karlo Smid - TestCraftCamp

Karlo talked about an online conference he attended.

Željko Filipin - 2020 in Books

I’ve talked about the books I’ve read last year.


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