The book
Feedback like this makes me want to spend even more of my time writing the Watir Book and giving it away for free*.

Thanks for wasting a bunch of my time. Next time, before you publish something you might want to check that it works. I've spent 5 hours trying to get this shit to run and I can't get the dev kit (ruby dk.rb install) to install. A search indicates that I'm not the only one having this issue. WHat a BUSH operation: from Ruby to Watir to YOU.

Please: take your page down -- stop wasting peoples' time.

On your BEST DAY, you're an IDIOT.

* I am selling the book, but all content is available on GitHub for free. I have spent hundreds of hours on the book so far, and I have earned about $200. Do the math.

Update: I have replied after I updated the instructions.


Thanks for the kind words. Since you have asked so nicely, I have just spent another afternoon and evening away from my family, updating instructions on how to install Watir:

I did it just for you, for free of course, as always. Please notice new chapter, DevKit.