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20 October 2006

There is not enough time to do all the nothing we want to do.

by Željko Filipin

I noticed that I am writing mostly about tools that I use. Well, I guess it makes sense. I think that tools make you efficient. Not only tools for testing, but also good e-mail client, good feed reader...

Also, I am new to testing. I am tester just over two years. So, although I do have some experience, I do not have a lot of experience. I guess my posts can be of some help to people that are starting with testing. Others might find my thoughts funny, in the best case. Just give me a year or six and you will read some interesting stuff here.

I have started blogging about a year ago (in Croatian). Do not even go there. I will try to translate interesting posts and post them here. But, beeing the only tester that speaks Croatian did not help by blog. I lost interest in writing because I felt nobody was reading. I like to write, and I do think that I have something to say. But writing for myself was just not enough motivation.

Then I joined testingReflections (in English). But I did not like the blogging software there. (I have already moved here almost all posts from testingReflections.)

Finally I found WordPress blogging software, bought a domain, a friend of mine had some hosting he was currently not using, and here I am.

Today I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that Strange pointed to my blog. Thanks Bret. Blogging takes time, but I think it makes sense if it is "adding value". Although it never crossed my mind that Ruby and Watir are "the dark side". :)

Why this title? I want to write about lots of interesting things, but I do have to do some real work. By the way, Bill Watterson said "There is not enough time to do all the nothing we want to do." (via Gmail Web Clips).

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