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29 May 2010

Two Years of Watir Podcast

by Željko Filipin

Watir Podcast Logo


A few days ago it was 2 years since I published the first Watir Podcast.

In this 2 years I have published 34 podcasts with people literally all over the world. Lately I am trying to produce a podcast a month, and I am trying to keep it about 30 minutes long. I have recorded podcasts as short as 5 minutes, but also longer than 70 minutes.

Google Analytics and FeedBurner say the numbers are (mostly) going up. FeedBurner says about 100 people is subscribed to the podcast feed lately.

Google Analytics


The following table lists downloads since December 2009, when I started using Podtrac. The first number is total downloads, the second number is unique downloads. Please notice #26. :)

I am glad to see that podcasts as old as 1 or even 2 years are still downloaded.

episode total/unique
#34 Zhimin Zhan on TestWise 70/57
#33 Jake Dempsey and Brian Knorr on Watij and UISpec 221/191
#32 Brent Strange 276/249
#31 Jari Bakken and Simon Stewart on Watir 2.0, Selenium and WebDriver, Celerity and HtmlUnit 379/331
#30 Jim Knowlton on Using Watir for Exploratory Testing 402/373
#29 Bret Pettichord and Charley Baker on Past, Present and Future of Watir 283/262
#28 Tom Copeland on SafariWatir 225/217
#27 Angrez Singh on FireWatir 199/188
#26 Alister Scott on 1,408/448
#25 Dave Hoover on SafariWatir and Software Craftsmanship 206/186
#24 MarekJ and Charley Baker 167/166
#23 Željko Filipin 171/168
#22 Bret Pettichord on WatirCraft 168/165
#21 Alister Scott on Watif 158/156
#20 Sai Venkatakrishnan 164/154
#19 Bret Pettichord on Git 143/137
#18 Rick Hower on AWTA 2009 129/127
#17 Deniz Türkoglu on AWTA 2009 137/132
#16 MarekJ on AWTA 2009 144/143
#15 Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory on AWTA 2009 and Agile Testing 168/159
#14 Steve Kim on AWTA 2009 138/134
#13 Alister Scott on AWTA 2009 140/137
#12 Bernie Miles and Stanislaw Wozniak on AWTA 2009 and Sponte 125/118
#11 Alan Baird on AWTA 2009 120/118
#10 Charley Baker on AWTA 2009 131/125
#9 Paul Rogers 156/147
#8 Alister Scott 140/138
#7 Bret Pettichord on FireWatir 186/182
#6 Tiffany Fodor 155/154
#5 Walter Kruse 109/107
#4 Jeroen van Menen on WatiN 159/147
#3 MarekJ 159/154
#2 Charley Baker 124/121
#1 Bret Pettichord on Watir 170/164

Thank You

After two years, what to say? It was a lot of fun, I hope it will not end soon.

I would like to thank everybody that wanted to talk with me. I would probably stop recording podcast if I did not have a lot of help from Watir Podcast Team. A big thank you to all of you that co-hosted a podcast, contributed music and logo, worked on the web site, edited audio... I could not do it without you.

I would like to thank Bret Pettichord for agreeing to record the first podcast, Alan Baird that worked on the web site, and Gregg Yows that co-hosted a lot of times and contributed a lot of music.

I would probably give up a long time ago if Tiffany Fodor did not offer to edit the audio and create show notes. Tiffany, thank you.

Also, a bit thank you to every listener. Yes, you too. Well, if you were not listening, all this would not make a lot of sense.

If you have some time, and you would like to contribute to the podcast, please let me know. I need help with finding guests, co-hosting, I am always looking for music that can be published under a Creative Commons licence... If you would like to take over Watir Podcast, let me know. I would help you with everything. I have other stuff to do, but if nobody is interested, I will not let the podcast die.

I did not mention a lot of people by name, because this blog post would end up being too long. You know who you are. Yes, you. Thanks.

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