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5 May 2007

Updating Watir User Guide

by Željko Filipin

Bret Pettichord has posted The Plan for Watir at wtr-general. If you are interested in future of Watir, you should read it. This is from that post.

Jeff Fry is threatening to help out with the Rdoc and Zeljko has agreed to take the lead with updating the users guide. Please cooperate with any requests that they make.

I need help. I will not request it. I am kindly asking you to help me. At Community involvement with Watir thread at wtr-general Bret asked how the Watir community can help me. The following is my (slightly edited) response.

Last night I had a dream how I bribed cartoon foxes from why's (poignant) guide to ruby to switch to Watir user guide. :) (Bret encouraged me to be "bold".)

How can you help?

The usual.
Suggestions. What to add, what to remove, what to change.
Comments on my changes. They will be bold.
Bacon. Those foxes demanded lots of bacon.

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