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12 July 2013

viaqa 2013, Osijek, Croatia

by Željko Filipin

A few days ago I was at viaqa 2013 conference organised by Davor Banovic in beautiful Osijek. The first half of the day consisted of a few talks. I do not think talk titles are translated to English anywhere, so I will do my best:

The second part of the day consisted of lightning talks. I was the moderator and I was pretty strict in enforcing the rules. Up to five minutes of the talk, and then up to five minutes of discussion. I do not think we have a list of lightning talks documented anywhere, so here it is (again doing my best with the translations):

Some of the lightning talks were just a few minutes long, but I do not think any of the talks had less than five minutes of discussion. I always had to cut the discussion after five minutes.

I was one of the proud sponsors of the conference. My sponsorship was to buy juices and cookies.

I was really glad to see Tomislav Plavcic at the conference. He has been volunteering for us since DORS/CLUC conference.

After the talk a few of us continued to talk over a beer. I would like to thank Davor for organising the conference one more time and for hosting my family and me.

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