I was reading Jonathan Kohl's blog. He wrote about Hiding Behind Languages, Frameworks and Processes. There was link to Waterfall 2006. He said it was a joke.


I remember I have read about Waterfall 2006 at testingReflections.com. I do not remember that it was a joke. I just remember that somebody said he would go there (looks like it was Roland Stens in Waterfall2006: I'll be there!). I remember I have read that blog and thought: "Waterfall. Conference. 2006. Strange." However, I did not get the joke.

I went to waterfall2006.com. Conference date was April 1, 2006. Slowly, slowly, I got it. Joke!

Then I read (some of) Waterfall 2006 articles. Go there. Read the articles. Smile. :)