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7 February 2008

Watir and Pop Ups

by Željko Filipin

I am updating Watir Tutorial for a while now. It is still not done. At the moment, I am at the Pop Ups page. I have gathered data from Jonathan Kohl's excellent user guide, Paul Rogers' excellent pop ups article and Watir FAQ. I will continue to do that, but I need help.

At the moment I have found solutions for 4 types of pop ups: new browser windows, file uploads, JavaScript pop ups and security alerts. 4 types are not covered yet: modal dialogs, modeless dialog, basic authentication and file downloads.

Since pop ups are source of problems for lots of Watir users, I would really appreciate any help. If you have working code, ideas or just a little time to review what I have done, please do it. Tutorial is just a bunch of wiki pages that anybody can edit and comment. If you need help with wiki, please let me know.

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