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17 September 2011

Watir Book 0.7, free version

by Željko Filipin

I have just released Watir Book 0.7 (free version) in PDF, EPUB (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and MOBI (Kindle) format. You can download the free version of the book from GitHub for free.

You can buy the whole book via PayPal for 9$. Since the book is not finished yet, you will get all updates to the book for free.

Previous release, 0.6 (July 30) had 498 downloads. Release before, 0.5 (July 23) had 55 downloads, and 0.4.2 (June 20) had 292 downloads. I did not keep record of downloads previous to that. All together, 845 downloads. Not bad.

What is new since the last release?

- managed to drive all browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera) on all operating systems (Windows: XP, Vista, 7; Mac 10.5, 10.6; Ubuntu 11.04) (with a few exceptions, see problems so far a bit below)
- fixed images at the GitHub site
- removed Ubuntu 10.10 and Firewatir chapters, since I consider them obsolete
- using Ruby 1.9.2 on Windows and Ubuntu
- using build-in Ruby on Mac (1.8.6 on 10.5, 1.8.7 on 10.6)

You can see all the changes at GitHub.

Problems so far:
- could not drive Firefox 4+ on Mac 10.5, but Firefox 3.6 works just fine
- could not drive Opera on Windows XP (update: fixed) and Mac 10.5 (update: fixed) (both fixes will be in 0.7.1, should be released this week)
- did not cover Mac 10.7 because I do not have it (if three people buys the book this month, I will buy 10.7)

This is the first version of the book that does not include all chapters that I have written so far, but only those that will get you interested in the book enough to buy it. (I hope.) If you do not want to pay, you can read the whole book at GitHub.

Everybody that already bought the book (all three of them, so far) will get the whole 0.7 version of the book as PDF, EPUB and MOBI files via e-mail.

tags: book - watir