Watir site at stackexchange.com

Recently I have asked if people are interested in creating Watir site at stackexchange.com. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people that are interested. Just today I have read that new stackexchange.com sites can be created, so I have created Watir site at stackexchange.com.

I think stackoverflow.com software (also used at stackexchange.com) is the best solution for Watir support (and almost any other kind of support).

If you think Watir site at stackexchange.com is a good idea, all you have to do is:

- go to Watir site at stackexchange.com
- click link "Follow It!"
- enter your e-mail
- click button "Submit"

(I was tempted to write this as a Watir script.)

Optionally, you can add on-topic and off-topic questions, and vote on other questions as on- or off-topic.

Feel free to spread the word on your Twitter/Facebook/blog...

If you want to learn more about stackexchange.com, read the FAQ.