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14 March 2009

Web::INDUSTRIJA 2009, Zagreb, Croatia

by Željko Filipin

The day after Spletne Urice #106 I spent the whole day at Web::INDUSTRIJA 2009, a small trade fair in Zagreb, Croatia.

Nice people from got a booth there and asked a few local open source groups if they would like to join them. One of the groups they asked was a group I am member of, ruby-hr (Ruby Croatia).

I planned to be there a few hours, but my boss said it is fine with him if I spend the whole day there, so I went for that option. :)

There was about ten booths, a pretty small trade fair. team were handing out some Ubuntu CDs, and since I do not know anything else, I was showing people how Watir works. I guess I showed Watir to about 10 people that day. Not bad.

Since Ubuntu has live CD, I tried it on my Mac, and it worked fine. Wireless was not working, and Linux gurus said that Ubuntu probably does not have drivers for my hardware.

There is also a funny story. I was entering the fair and saw a big penguin walking around. Of course, it was one of the team, so he approached me and said to follow him to our booth. So, I am walking behind a giant penguin, and at the entrance they ask me if I have a ticket. I said: "I am with the penguin", and to my surprise they just let me in. I newer thought that knowing a penguin can get you any benefits.

For more information and images, take a look at the article on, and there is also a few twitter posts.

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