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11 October 2018

WebCamp Zagreb 2018, Zagreb, Croatia

by Željko Filipin

I have been to many WebCamp conferences. It’s organized by local tech meetups. Since I’m one of Testival 🐞 organizers, I got involved. It’s a two-day conference, Friday and Saturday. There are two main tracks, and an unconference track (since last year). I have some experience with unconferences (CITCON, Test Automation Bazaar, Testival) so when the organizers asked me if I want to help with the unconference track again this year, I didn’t hesitate a second.

I was pretty sad the first day since there were just two unconference sessions.

Fortunately, the second day has exceeded all my expectations. All sessions were taken!

Since I was spending the majority of my time at the unconference track, I didn’t see many talks. I did manage to see both keynotes and both were really good.


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