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12 October 2019

WebCamp Zagreb 2019, Zagreb, Croatia

by Željko Filipin

This was the third year that I was helping with unconference track. WebCamp was always a two track conference. Unconference was the third track for at least the last three years. This year there were three tracks plus unconference track. I was busy with unconference track so I didn’t get to see many talks from regular tracks. Outsite of unconference track, I did manage to see keynotes on both days and both were very good.

The first day there were three talks at the unconference track. I’ve also managed to see Irja Straus’ talk: “No product to test yet? No problem.” She gave a similar talk at Testival Meetup #49.

The second day there were four talks at the unconference track. Now traditional and always popular /r/ama/wczg with WebCamp organizers was a lot of fun. The most popular was “A curious case of IT freelancing in Croatia (Panel rasprava o paušalnim obrtima)” was surprisingly the most popular. During lunch Testival organizers had a meeting.


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