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11 July 2012

Web::Strategija 14, Zagreb, Croatia

by Željko Filipin

Last month I was at Web::Strategija 14, local conference in Zagreb, Croatia. Karlo Šmid and I had a talk Test Like Dr. House. In the first part of the talk Karlo gave a short introduction to software testing and presented rapid software testing in 5 minutes. In the second part I have gave a shorter version of a talk that I have recently recorded as Test automation at screencast.

I think this was the talk that I have spend the most time preparing for. I have spent almost the entire day working on the talk. My part of the talk was under 10 minutes, so I have decided for the week or two before the conference to practice the talk every morning. I even remembered to change screen size while practicing the talk to 800x600, since that is the resolution of most projectors. Karlo and I even practiced the talk together. We have met at a meeting room at his company, practiced the talk on a projector alone once or twice, then had the talk in front of his team.

I was feeling good about the talk. I knew it was pretty technical, and somebody from Karlo's team noticed that. He said people will have a hard time following us.

So, the day of the talk came. I was still doing some paperwork regarding starting my company, so I could not be at the conference in the morning. I have arrived a few talks before ours. I have configured wireless on my machine, since both of us used it for the talk. Everything was ready. I was pretty nervous during the talk, so my performance was probably not the best and of course something went wrong. My machine disconnected from wireless while I closed the lid (I did not think that would happen, so I did not test it) and probably the most interesting part of the talk was ruined since I could not show screen shots and video of the browser running tests at Sauce Labs. After all the effort, we got the lowest evaluation feedback from the conference attendees for our talk. Oh well. It will be better the next time.

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