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19 February 2008

Would My Watir Tests Run With Firewatir?

by Željko Filipin

I saw this question at watir-general.

Short story is, there is no simple solution at the moment. I am just porting my tests from Watir to Firewatir and I have noticed two major differences:

  1. Firewatir does not see page text the same way as Watir does:

    • Watir would see "logged in as name".
    • Firewatir would see "logged in as\n\nname".
  2. Firefox sees relative urls in links, while Internet Explorer sees apsolute paths:

    • Watir would see "page.htm".
    • Firewatir would see "".

I created a separate branch of my tests for Firewatir, until I see what should be changed in original tests to make them compatible with both Watir and Firewatir. If I can not make them work at both, I do not think that maintaining two branches will be much work.

If you are using id's for identifying page elements, I think most of your test should work.

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