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20 July 2012

Zagreb Software Testing Club #5, Zagreb, Croatia

by Željko Filipin

Yesterday I was at Zagreb STC MeetUp #5. As always, it was organized by Karlo Šmid at Ericsson Nikola Tesla.

Every time about ten testers and developers meet and talk about testing and software development in general. This time there were twelve of us. We started by introductions. I gave a short Test automation at talk and Karlo introduced the Set Game. We were playing the game and discussing what would be the best way to automate it. I have created a set repository at GitHub where I will play with the automation these days, when I get a chance. For now the repository only has a few examples of a solved game and one failing test.

As usual, we ended the meetup with a lot of informal talks about everyday challenges.

A few of us brought the books we own and our little library continues! (I am reading Testing Computer Software (2nd Edition) by Cem Kaner, Jack Falk and Hung Q. Nguyen.)

Of course there were pizza and soft drinks, thanks to Asseco.

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