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30 April 2022

Explore It by Elisabeth Hendrickson

by Željko Filipin

Three sentence summary

Testing = checking + exploring. You can plan some testing in advance, that’s checking. You can’t plan some testing in advance, that’s exploring.

Random thoughts

A co-worker suggested we should read Explore It for our book club at work. When I checked its ratings on Goodreads and Amazon, I was very impressed. I can’t remember when I’ve seen such good ratings. Goodreads 4.30 (302 ratings, 29 reviews), Amazon 4.7 (77 ratings, 39 reviews).

Book Club

Once a month, we have a book club meeting. We usually read a book for one or two months. So, we have one or two meetings about the book. This was the first time we were reading the book for three months. As with Lessons Learned in Software Testing, I have invited the author to the meeting. To my big surprise, she agreed to come! 😅 My biggest takeaway from the meeting was the discussion about how hard it was to write the book and how much a good editor contributes to the end result.

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