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11 October 2018

Testival 2018, Vukovar, Croatia

by Željko Filipin

Testival 2018 was in Vukovar, at the far East of Croatia. It was probably the biggest Testival so far, with more than 60 people. The conference was the usual and delicious mixture of a keynote, open space, fun activities during lunch and lightning talks after lunch.

Adina Moldovan was the keynote speaker this year. The title was Testing is done to provide information. She had a mind map instead of slides and she updated it frequently during the keynote. That was very interesting and something I would like to try once.

I was participating in several sessions, including Testing board games and Cucumber/Gherkin. I was leading Career development and Selenium sessions. During lunch I have taught a couple of people how to solve Rubik’s cube.

I gave my usual How to learn to play an instrument (ukulele) by playing a game on your phone (Yousician) lightning talk.


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